The pandemic has impacted many industries, and our home space is no exception. As many people are spending at lot more time at home, multifunctional spaces are needed to meet demands of this new reality. We are analyzing just about every area of our homes and dreaming of ways to create more comfort and functionality. 
We checked in with a few top designers to see what's coming for 2021 and how we can incorporate them in our homes.


Natural Materials 

With the rise of the conscious consumer comes the desire for furniture that offers longevity, quality and durability.  Rather than choosing harsh decor, people are embracing natural materials like rattan, cane, jute, leather, ceramic, plants, and other organic fibers that offer a soft, earthy and natural look. 

These materials strengthen the relationship between man and nature and have a very calming effect. As we rethink less-used spaces and embrace concepts that play double duty -incorporating some natural elements will help restore balance to these now multi-functional spaces.

SANDBACKEN Sectional, 3-seat corner, Lofallet beige

If you'd like to incorporate this  style  in  your home look for durable/washable  fabrics -remember those Ikea sofa slip covers? They're back!!  Layer fabrics and textures. eg. layer a wool rug atop a larger jute rug, add a cane or rattan chair to the space, pile pillows and throws atop the sofa to create softness and fullness. Use camels in lieu of gray, and deep neutralized hues like olive green, burnt orange and peacock blue for pops of color. 

home decor trends 2021

2020 was a year we went back to basics, house plants are a trend that is here to stay. This is a super easy way to layer in some colour and texture. 

Plants bring the clarity and calm of nature indoors, freshen indoor air and act like a sculpture on a shelf or table top, its a win-win!

Ikea has endless items in natural materials and easy to care for plants that'll add texture and softness, get some inspiration here.

  living room with purple chairs and green plant in white planter on table 

Embracing lighter woods

NATURAL RUSTIC_838483_12_elsie_userview_1


Whether you have modern sensibilities or want your home to look like a rustic farmhouse, light wood can work for you. A light wood reinforces that feeling of more space, as the hues create the illusion of a bigger room.

When it comes to furniture, lean towards lighter-toned woods as opposed to dark wood, metal, or lacquer pieces. Look for unique pieces that show plenty of grain and texture, rather than items that are perfectly finished. This adds texture and warmth, while also making the space feel lived in.



The grandmillennial style combines modern design with the decor you might expect to see in your grandparents' home. This style hinges on antiques, which makes it appealing because its more affordable than buying new furniture not to mention sustainable and eco-friendly in practice. 

Look for decorative accessories such as chandeliers and mirrors that haven’t been perfectly restored, but have aged with character, and opt for furniture and textiles that feel lived-in. Chipped paintwork, faded fabrics and blemishes all add to the charm.

 Try taking on a DIY project like refinishing an old piece of furniture or bringing life to an outdated decorative piece. You can slap paint on just about anything these days. I've seen people paint secondhand hard cover books -used to style shelves, paint floors and adding mosaic inspired stencils most recently I came across a brave woman who completely changed the color of her Kitchen Aid mixer!  I would recommend taking small bites to start but the point here is -anything is possible!

Check out Rust-oleum's website for inspiration and tips.  On Instagram I follow #rustoleumchalkpaint to see all the amazing projects people share. 



Bold Colors

RUSTIC TRADITIONAL_787094_7_elsie_userview_1

Neutral wall tones have been all the rage the last few years, the pastel gradually fades to make way for bright and daring colors! A daring decorative trend is to fill entire walls with bold colors in the coming year. Experts believe this trend is really inspired by people's disconnect with the outside world and a yearning to create a home that has a bit more flair and personality.

New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

home decor trends 2021

After a decade of minimalism the return of highly decorative and personal interiors is very exciting. We are evolving our homes as spaces to be fulfilling, memorable and cabinets of curiosities. Homeowners are styling their interiors to tell a story, layering old with new to create exciting stories.

Every piece in our home makes a statement either through the silhouette, fabric choice, color or unique backstory. It also reflects a growing interest in furniture and objects acting as souvenirs of our lives. People are regaining a sense of individualism and using their home as galleries to share their tales.


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